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It is with great pleasure that I am taking on the role of Head of Year 10. I will now remain with the year group until they complete their GCSEs in June 2022. As well as being a very experienced recent former Head of Year at BHCS, I have worked alongside Mr Penney as the Senior Leadership Team link throughout the course of this year, so I know just how wonderful the students are. I cannot wait to lead on some exciting developments within the year group, including the prefect selection process and deciding who the Class of 2022 Head Boy and Girl will be. The obvious major challenge facing the fabulous year group is the need to continue making swift and secure academic progress, as they strive to get the best set of GCSE results the school has ever seen!

There will be a lot of challenges for many of our students between now and August 2022, when they collect their GCSE grades from us, especially considering the incredibly turbulent 12 months the year group have had. However, together we will ensure all students are as well prepared as possible for what lies ahead.

The year group benefits from an amazing group of tutors, who have a huge amount of experience in helping and supporting our students. Each tutor group provides a nurturing and calming environment where students can work together and learn from each other. I am immensely proud of how the tutors supported the students throughout lockdown and I know the students appreciate such caring staff looking out for them.

If you ever have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me at school, either via email (pbeeching@brightonhill.hants.sch.uk) or via the school reception telephone number.

Mr Beeching

Mrs C Williams
Tutor of 10A1

Mrs V Britton
Tutor of 10A2 (Mon, Wed, Thur)

Miss S Lambert
Tutor of 10A2 (Tues, Fri)

Miss T Duemke
Tutor of 10A3

Mr T Marshall
Tutor of 10A4

Ms B McNally
Tutor of 10A5

Class of 2022 – Year Group Newsletters

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