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Safeguarding determines the actions that we take to keep children safe and protect them from harm in all aspects of their school life.  As a school we are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all of our students. 

The actions that we take to prevent harm; to promote wellbeing; to create safe environments; to educate on rights, respect and responsibilities; to respond to specific issues and vulnerabilities all form part of the safeguarding responsibilities of the school.

We want to work in partnership with our parents to ensure the best possible care can be provided for our children.  With this in mind, we look to provide a comprehensive range of information and guidance for our parents, on a host of topical issues that our young people face today.  Information and guidance on internet safety, cyber bullying, sexting, knife crime, sexual harassment and many other relevant topics can be found on various links on this page.  Indeed, the link to ‘Parent Info’ below provides a live feed to regularly updated resources and articles providing up to date information and advice for parents.

School Policies
Child Protection
Staff Code of Conduct
Safeguarding Procedures - flowchart

Parent Info - regularly updated resources and articles for parents.

Useful Safeguarding Web Site and Resources


pdf document Hampshire and Isle of Wight Safeguarding Children Partnership and Children’s Trust Thresholds Chart – July 2019

pdf document Keeping Children Safe in Education

pdf document Prevent Within Schools Briefing

pdf document Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018

Sexual Harm

Peer on peer sexual harassment and assault has risen dramatically over the last few years, with the national picture portraying a very disturbing picture.  The ease with which pornography can be viewed online has no doubt led to a ‘normalisation’ of extreme sexual images and practic...

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Home Office has launched an anti-knife crime campaign

The campaign challenges perceptions that carrying a knife is normal and aims to make young people safer. The Home Office recently launched a campaign aimed at reducing knife crime, with a particular focus on young people aged 10-21.  As part of the campaign, the Home Office has set up a dedic...

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