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Physical Education

Study & Physical Education

Department philosophy and vision

Within PE we aim to offer the opportunity to succeed in sport to all students. Through our diverse and engaging curriculum we provide opportunities to experience a range of sports and activities as well as differing roles within those sports. We aim to develop both the students’ sporting ability and understanding and prepare them for a lifetime of physical education and activity.


Engagement of students

All PE lessons will give students an opportunity to experience success through sport; whether that is through sporting performance, officiating or coaching and leadership. Students are set within PE to ensure that they feel confident and challenged in lessons. Our excellent teaching staff will differentiate lessons fully to meet the needs of all students and help them to progress and achieve in PE and sport.  Furthermore we offer a wide range of extra-curricular clubs and competitions to further engage students in Brighton Hill school life.

Staffing and Key Contacts

Miss S Lambert – Head of Faculty 

Mr D Du-Heaume – Teacher of PE / Head of Year 7 & Transition Learning Manager

Miss K Richardson – Teacher of PE / Head of Year 11

Mr R Slack – Teacher of PE

Mr G Wilkinson – Teacher of PE / Assistant Headteacher

Miss C Paterson - Teacher of PE

Miss Z Burn - Teacher of PE

Key Stage 3:

Students receive 2 lessons of core PE per week at Key Stage 3.  Over year 7 and 8 all year groups take part in a variety of activities including games (such as netball, handball, rugby and badminton), gymnastics, athletics, health-related exercise and team building.  We aim to ensure all students get a broad and balanced programme of PE so that our students can gain a sense of enjoyment whilst they learn and develop skills that are transferrable from one activity to the next.  At Key Stage 3 students are assessed on their physical performance in each activity.


Core PE:  Students continue to receive 2 lessons of core PE per week in year 9, 10 and 11.  At Key Stage 4 lessons become focused on engagement, participation and enjoyment with a view to providing students with a desire to continue sport and physical activity when they leave us.  Therefore there is no assessment in these lessons.  Students will cover a broad range of activities which are adapted to suit the students within each class.

GCSE PE: Students can also opt for AQA GCSE PE as part of the options system. If they take this course, they get an additional 3 lessons a week on top of core PE. These lessons will be 100% theory-based during year 9 and then a mixture of theory and practical at different times of the year in years 10 and 11. Theory lessons are taught in classrooms and follow the specification. There will be regular testing and assessment in addition to home learning. This whole section is assessed via the exam at the end of the course. Practical activities vary from group to group, to match the strengths of the students and if two groups are timetabled at the same time there may be some element of choice about the activities they choose.

Typical activities are:

  • Netball
  • Badminton
  • Trampolining
  • Table tennis
  • Handball
  • Athletics


We aim to offer a range of extra-curricular clubs throughout the academic year at Brighton Hill.  Clubs run at lunchtimes and after school on a weekly basis.  All of the clubs feed into district level competitions; in addition there are multiple opportunities through the year for students to compete in other sporting activities at district level.  The club timetable changes on a half termly/termly basis to fully support as many sports as possible.  Furthermore students are offered the chance to compete in Brighton Hill House competitions in a variety of sports over the year, with at least 5 House competitions running per term.

Physical Education


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