Brighton Hill Community School

19. Year 6 Student Transfer

Information & Policies

Published on - 01-12-2016

Objective -
To ensure the smooth and effective transfer of Year 6 students into Year 7 at the School

This policy applies to all staff.
The lead manager for the application and monitoring of this policy is the Assistant Headteacher who oversees ‘Transition’ and ‘Inclusion’

The Transition Learning Manager will:

Year 7 Tutors will:

The School SENCO will:

The Transition Learning Manager will:

Year 6 Student Transfer – Common Transition Agreement

To outline a Common Agreement between BHCS and Feeder Primary schools to ensure all Year 6 students receive a smooth and effective transfer, with common elements to support their preparation and familiarisation ready for Transition.

Primary Schools agree to:

• Send ‘vulnerable’ students to BHCS for additional Transition visits.
• Discuss vulnerable/SEN students with SENCO during specifically arranged meetings.
• Conduct meetings with Transition Learning Manager/HoY 7 during Primary visits.
• Support Secondary colleagues during visits to observe Yr6 lessons and discuss with Yr6 staff learning and teaching strategies that can be shared in the Secondary environment.
• Communicate with Transition Learning Manager (HoY 7) / SENCO additional information about vulnerable students and their families to support BHCS in managing their Transition.  What strategies have Primary Schools used to support the families/parents of vulnerable students?  Do the families/parents have any particular needs themselves?
• Discuss with parents of vulnerable/SEN Yr6 students the support they can expect once at BHCS.
• Have a targeted focus on homework with Yr6 classes – How they get it, Why, Importance of deadlines and How best to record it.
• Have a targeted focus on student organisation ready for Secondary School – packing a bag the night before, routines and expectations.
• Facilitate before September Parent Sessions, in Primary Schools, for BHCS staff to attend and allow parents to discuss concerns/anxieties about their child attending Secondary School, whilst asking specific questions to support Transition.

BHCS agree to:

Last Ratified:  January 2015
Ratified: October 2016
Next Review: October 2017