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39. Staff Dress Code

Information & Policies

Published on - 13-02-2015

These guidelines and expectations for staff dress and appearance are intended to strike a balance between individual choice and the need to maintain role-sensitive high standards in dress and appearance.
A high standard of dress and overall appearance of staff is important because clearly we should be seen as modelling the high standards expected from our students as well as presenting a professional image to our parents and the wider community.

Overriding Principles

The way that staff present themselves, including their clothing, is an important part of their overall professional demeanour and is often the first indicator of others’ perception of our professionalism. Whilst we do not wish to be overly prescriptive we nevertheless expect all staff to adhere to the following standards concerning their professional dress;

-Ensure they are in keeping with the professional image of the school.
-Dress appropriately for their job.
-Endeavour to not wear anything which presents a risk to health and safety.
-Not wear anything which is likely to bring the school into disrepute (i.e. potentially offensive badges, logos or motifs)
-Maintain high standards of personal hygiene and grooming.
-Ensure that clothing is clean and tidy.

The ethos we seek to create and maintain is one in which the general appearance of staff conforms to contemporary standards of conventional dress. (Staff members who wish to wear appropriate, formal clothing from their own culture or background may do so). All clothing should be smart, business-like and appropriate

Standards of staff dress

Male Members of School Staff:

Female Members of School Staff:

Summer Dress:
During times of very warm weather, whilst still dressing appropriately, the following expectations will apply for all staff:

Male Members of School Staff:

Female Members of School Staff:

Last Ratified: Oct 2014

Review: Oct 2017