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31. Internet Policy

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Published on - 12-02-2015

Policy Statement
Brighton Hill Community School will ensure that all users of the Schools provided internet facilities are aware of the acceptable use of these facilities.

This Policy document tells you how you should use your School internet facility. It outlines your personnel responsibilities and informs what you must and must not do.
It is recognised that it is impossible to define precise rules covering all internet activities available and adherence should be undertaken within the spirit of the policy to ensure productive use of the facility is made.
This policy replaces previous Internet policies.

This internet policy applies to, but is not limited to, all Brighton Hill Community School employees, partners, students, contractual third parties and agents of the School who access the Schools internet service and IT equipment.

This internet policy should be applied at all times when ever using the Schools provided internet facility. This includes access via any web enabled device connected to the school network.

Brighton Hill Community School recognises that there are risks associated with users accessing and handling information in order to conduct official School business or as part of the educational service provided to students, or part of the educational process used by students.
This policy aims to mitigate the following risks:

Non-compliance with this policy could have a significant effect on the efficient operation of the School and may result in financial loss and an inability to provide necessary services to the administration and curriculum areas.

Applying the Policy
The internet service is primarily provided to give both staff and students:

Your school internet account should be used in accordance with this policy to access anything in pursuance of your work including:

Internet access for personal use is generally confined to outside of normal working hours (for students personal access, teachers permission will be required). Personal use must still comply with this policy including its provisions regarding misuse.
The School is not, however, responsible for any personal transactions you enter into – for example in respect of the quality, delivery or loss of items ordered. You must accept responsibility for, and keep the School protected against, any claims, damages, losses or the like which might arise from the transaction – for example in relation to payment for the items or any personal injury or damage to property they might cause.
If you purchase personal goods or services via the Schools internet service you are responsible for ensuring that the information you provide shows that the transaction is being entered into by you personally and not on behalf of the School.
If you are in any doubt about how you may make personal use of the Schools internet service you are advised to consult your departments ICT Co-ordinator or the ICT Support team.
All personal usage must be in accordance with this policy. Your computer and any data held on it are the property of Brighton Hill Community School and may be accessed at any time by the School to ensure compliance with all its statutory, regulatory and internal policy requirements.

Internet Account Management, Security and Monitoring

Things You Must Not Do

The above list gives examples of “unsuitable” usage but is neither exclusive nor exhaustive. “Unsuitable” material would include data, images, audio files or video files the transmission of which is illegal under British Law, and, material that is against the rules, essence and spirit of this and other School policies.
Your Responsibilities:

Policy Compliance

Review and Revision
This policy will be reviewed as it is deemed appropriate.
Policy review will be undertaken by the ICT Network Manager.


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Last Ratified: Oct 2014

Review: Oct 2017