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27. Home Learning Policy

Information & Policies

Published on - 08-12-2016


This policy has been produced to provide a coherent framework from which all faculties can develop a consistent and effective approach to home learning for students of all ages and levels of attainment. When implemented effectively, home learning can raise student attainment and the quality of the educational experience we provide to students and parents.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that home learning arrangements are educationally beneficial,manageable and purposeful for students to complete and teachers to administer and assess, and to outline responsibilities for teaching, non-teaching staff and parents/carers.

Purposes of Home Learning: Philosophy

There are various benefits to setting home learning tasks which support the learning and teaching which occurs in the classroom:

Principles Underlying the Home Learning Policy


The Role of the Assistant Headteacher(s):

The Role of Heads of Faculty:

The Role of Heads of Year and Tutors:

The Role of Teachers:

The Role of Parents/Carers

Parents/carers have a key role to play in ensuring that home learning is completed to the best of their child’s ability. They are encouraged to provide practical support for home learning by:

See below for further guidance provided for parents/carers in supporting their child with home learning:

Checklist for Helping Your Child with Home Learning

Show you think Education and Home Learning are important:

Monitor home learning:

Provide guidance:

The Role of the Student:


Last ratified: November 2017
Review: November 2019