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21. Assessment Policy

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Published on - 04-12-2017


Each half term, there must be one main designated summative assessment (this will increase to 2 designated summative assessments per half term for English, Maths & Science) that leads to actionable feedback (see Feedback Policy) for students that supports them to make progress. The assessments will result in a grade that will help inform assessment during each Teacher Assessment (TA) cycle in each term. 

Subject Leaders should make key assessment opportunities clear on schemes of work to ensure actionable feedback is being given on these specific learning opportunities and should be recognised as such in lesson planning. This step should follow the Feedback Policy and will ensure that the time spent on giving feedback has maximum impact on student learning and progress. The outcomes of assessment and its feedback should be integral to future lesson planning and intervention. By focusing on specific assessment opportunities, teacher workload can be managed and feedback can be given more immediately on an assessment which will maximise its impact.

This policy does not cover PE at Key Stage 4, where students are not following a course

leading to a qualification. All BTEC courses and Controlled Assessments are exempt from this policy as per exam board requirements.

The grades from the designated summative assessments should be used to help create attainment grades in each term following the TA reporting calendar. This means Subject Leaders should plan their curriculum accordingly to allow sufficient time for their teams to complete such assessments before report deadlines. The final TA data entry will be based on both the designated summative assessments for that term and professional judgement from other key indicators such as formative assessment and home learning tasks.

Formative Assessment: Ongoing monitoring of student progress that shapes future lesson planning and intervention. This should not be graded, with the focus instead on positive actionable feedback to help students “close the gap” between their current and potential attainment (or challenge their learning further). 

Summative Assessment: This graded assessment will often come at the end of a module or course, and will form the basis of termly Teacher Assessment Data reports that follow the TA Calendar. As per the BHCS Feedback Policy, actionable feedback should be given on such assessments. 

Summative assessments could include any of the following 

In all cases, success criteria will be shared with students prior to the main designated summative assessment, indicating what is required to reach each flight path step (KS3) or grade (KS4). 

In carrying out this Assessment Policy, class teachers will adhere to guidance in the Feedback Policy.


Grades across Years 7 -11 are awarded in line with the fine grading system described in the Brighton Hill Community School Progress Model: Parent & Student Guide.


The use and correct implementation of the Assessment Policy will be monitored through

Agreed by SLT: 04.12.17

Next review date: September 2019