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20. Anti-Bullying

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Published on - 12-02-2015

Anti – Bullying Policy and the School’s Response to Bullying

The policy has been reviewed and revised in light of a range of national documents: 

Objective –

Definition - Bullying is behaviour by anybody directed toward another which causes the latter pain or discomfort, humiliation, or emotional stress (NB:  Bullying can be unintentional)
Bullying can be:

Bullying hurts.  No one deserves to be the victim of bullying.  Everybody has the right to be treated with respect.  Students who are bullying need to learn different ways of behaving.
NOTE - Swift, positive responses to bullying are vital to the ethos of the School and the feeling of well-being of the students.  The enactment of the following policy is THE PRIORITY when staff witness, or have reported to them, acts of bullying.

This policy applies to all staff - teaching and support staff.

  1. The School will promote, through work in tutor groups and lessons, an awareness of how to respond to bullying and awareness that bullying is unacceptable.  Curriculum opportunities will be used, particularly in PSHE and Citizenship, and ELSA sessions as well as targeted intervention groups through our Flexible Learning Centre (FLC).
  2. The School will act as set out in 3 - 6 below in cases of bullying between its students. When instances of bullying are reported it is important that staff engage listening strategies, carry out fair investigations and follow up the reports.
  3. Any member of staff (teaching or support) who witnesses an act of bullying or has an act of bullying reported to them will:
    • In the case of a member of staff witnessing an act of bullying - intervene to secure the safety and well-being of the bullied party and report the incident to the victim’s Head of House/Year or a senior member of staff.
    • In the case of a member of staff having an incident of bullying reported to him/her by a student he/she will make a brief note of the incident and refer it – without delay – to the victim’s Head of House/Year or to a senior teacher.
  4. A tutor who witnesses an act of bullying or has one reported to him/her involving a member of his/her tutor group will:
    • within one full working day investigate the matter and, if satisfied that a student is responsible for bullying, give a clear warning (and record a SIMS behaviour entry) that all future instances of bullying must stop or serious consequences will follow and detentions may be set,  and   
    • communicate to the parents/guardians of both the victim and the bully outlining the procedures taken and offering the parents/guardians the opportunity to discuss the incident, and
    • report the incident to the victim’s Head of House/Year or to a senior teacher and the bully’s tutor and Head of House/Year.
  5. When in receipt of a report of bullying a Head of House/Year will, within one working day:
    • investigate the allegations of bullying and ascertain what actions have so far been taken and carry out those actions set out in ‘4’ above if not already done.
    • if judged appropriate, issue the bully with an appropriate sanction in line with the schools Behaviour Policy.
    • ensure the incident is entered in the student’s SIMS Behaviour Log.
    • liaise with the Tutors of the bully and the victim.
    • In addition the Head of House/Year may decide to report the incident to a senior teacher to consider further action. 
    • Contact the parents of the bully and victim.
  6. When in receipt of a report of bullying from a Head of House/Year, a senior teacher will:
    • ensure that the allegations of bullying are substantiated.  The bully’s previous record with respect to bullying will be reviewed taking into account all previous entries and associated sanctions and, on the basis of this, a Senior Staff Detention (SSD), Saturday Morning Detention (SMD), Internal Isolation or a fixed term exclusion (FTE) of the student from School may be considered. 

Responses to Bullying

The monitoring and review procedure for this policy is as follows:
Assistant Headteacher will:

NB:   In all cases when any member of staff is dealing with a student who has been reported for bullying they should be firm and calm.  There is a well-established body of information that bullying is learned from observed behaviour.  Little will be achieved by in effect bullying a bully by the use of aggressive accusative behaviour.  The member of staff’s emphasis should always be on explaining that bullying behaviour is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated at Brighton Hill Community School.  It is worth remembering that bullying can be unintentional with the perpetrator not realising he/she is causing distress.  In such cases quiet concerned counselling for the perpetrator as well as the victim is the most productive response.

This policy links to:
●  Behaviour Policy      ●  Safeguarding      ●  PSHE / Citizenship      ●  Single equality scheme

The review of the policy was undertaken in March 2015. All reviews ensure views are taken from a cross section of the school community including staff, students (including the School Council) and parents.

Ratified:   March 2015
Review: March 2017