Brighton Hill Community School

9. Governors Allowances Policy

Information & Policies

Published on - 04-10-2018

Expenses may be claimed by any Governor of the school in accordance with this policy and the School Governance (Roles, Procedures and Allowances) (England) Regulations 2013.  Only expenses incurred in the performance of a member’s duties as a Governor are eligible.

Eligible Expenses


Governors should complete an expenses claim form at least termly.  Claims up to £25/term may be authorised by the Chair of Governors and passed to the Head teacher for payment.

Claims exceeding £25/term will be approved by the full Governing Body.

All claims must be supported by receipts and records of the costs incurred.

Audit and Accountability

All expenses claims will be subject to normal LA audit arrangements.

All Governors’ expense claims and the supporting receipts and records will be held in the School Finance Office.

Withdrawal Arrangement

In accordance with School Government Regulations any Governor whose expenses are the subject of consideration at a meeting must withdraw from that item and not participate in it.

Last ratified:  January 2018

Agreed: October 2018

Next Review: October 2019