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What to do if you have a concern or a complaint?

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Published on - 03-02-2017

We hope that most concerns or complaints can be swiftly resolved and want to assure you that every reasonable effort will be made to alleviate your worries.

Informal route
If you have a concern about your child, your first point of call should be your child’s tutor or Head of Year. If your concern is subject related then please contact the class teacher or the Head of Department or Faculty. We anticipate that most concerns/complaints will be resolved satisfactorily through informal discussion.

If your concern is not resolved satisfactorily then please talk to the Headteacher, Mr Edwards.

If your complaint is about the Headteacher, you can write to the Chair of Governors who can be contacted through the School Office.

If your concern is not resolved you may feel you need to make a formal complaint. If this is the case, then please look at the Governors ‘Complaints Policy and Procedures’ which gives you guidance on how to proceed.