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PE extra-curricular - Spring 2017-18

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Published on - 13-09-2017

Monday Morning

Tuesday Afternoon
Football - Boys and girls, all years
Zone 11 - 9/1, 30/1, 27/2, 13/3, 27/3, 17/4, 24/4, 1/5, 8/5, 15/5 in L4 (see topic timetable below)

Wednesday Morning

Thursday Lunch
Zone 11 in L4 (see topic timetable below)

Thursday Afternoon
Netball Training
Netball Fixtures (See netball fixtures board)

Friday Afternoon
House Events (See House events schedule)


 Zone 11 PE

Every Thursday lunchtime in L4 starting 1st February (exam questions and technique)
Tuesday’s in L4 3:00-3:45pm (see dates and topics below)



9th Jan

Movements in sport (joints, movements and muscles)

30th Jan

Oxygen debt/EPOC

27th Feb

Immediate and long term effects of exercise

13th March

Information processing model, guidance and feedback

27th March

Stress management techniques

17th April


24th April

Hooliganism, commercialisation of sport

1st May

Factors affecting participation in sport

8th May

Paper 1 preparation

15th May

Paper 2 preparation