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January PPEs (Pre-Public Examinations) For All Year 11 Students

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Published on - 07-12-2020

Dear Student

JANUARY PPEs (Pre-Public Examinations) FOR ALL YEAR 11 STUDENTS

Please find attached (below) the Examinations Timetable for the January 2021 PPEs.

You must attend all examinations on your timetable. If for any reason you are unable to attend an examination, your parent or guardian must inform the school as soon as possible.

You must note the following points for all examinations:

If you have any questions about your examination timetable, in the first instance please check with your subject teacher / Head of Faculty, before seeing the Examinations Officer, Mrs M Harding. 

Yours sincerely

Mr C Edwards


pdf document PPE Timetable - January 2021



Amendment to Individual PPE Timetable:  The English Literature exam, on the 7th January 2021, will now finish 40 minutes earlier due to the removal of the Poetry element in the exam.