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Published on - 27-08-2020

Do students need to wear full uniform on Sept. 4th?
Yes.  This first trip back to school on September 4th is vital in getting students back into school life with a taster of normality, and as such, it is important that they pull on the famous yellow uniform.

Why aren't all students wearing masks?
The national guidance from the government states that masks are not required for school reopenings, unless in an area of particularly high transmissions, therefore, currently masks will not be compulsory for students at school.  As per our guidance though, students may choose to wear a plain mask if they feel more comfortable doing so.  We have removed the necessity for students to require a note from home to use a mask.  Obviously, the mask situation is ever-changing and there may be further announcements made on this subject, depending on national guidance.

The books that the children are keeping throughout term will they come home with them or stay at the school?
Student books can be taken home, however these should not be shared and kept separate from other students in school.

You mentioned you are well positioned to ensure no students have been disadvantaged by the extended closure. Could you share how you will be ensuring students catch up on many missed months. They have missed the interaction/feedback and I know my own child does not feel they have progressed as they would have in school. Whilst I know some children have tried their best it is most certainty not the same as being in school.
All subject leaders have adapted the curriculum for the first two weeks of school to enable recapping and re-teaching of the new topics delivered during the school closure period. There has also been adapted planning up to the October Half-term to ensure we are covering any gaps on knowledge and respond to different learning needs. We will also be meeting as leaders to plan the implementation of catch-up opportunities.

What will happen to all the work they have done during lockdown, we have a lot!
With the work completed during temporary closure, on return to school students should liaise with their subject teachers to see if they need to bring this in as some subject will have different requirements. It is likely that the majority of work completed would be expected to be kept at home by the student. This is common practice at the end of the year, i.e. usually students take their books home for revision and re-cap.

My only concern is around the whole class leaving school at the same time.
We will continue to support all students in adjusting to the new school day. The familiarisation day will support students in getting used to the timings and routines. We know students individually very well and will of course continue to support them based on what we know. It will take everyone a period of time to adjust and we are confident teachers will guide students around timings and ensuring they are prepared and not rushed.  

Should our children bring their own sanitiser too or just use school's sanitiser?
The school has invested in sourcing and providing plentiful supply of recommended sanitiser. The government advice recommends we supervise the use of this as it is alcohol based, which we will be doing on entry to the school and in classrooms. Therefore students do not need to provide / carry their own whilst in school , due to the risk of using alcohol based products on school site.

Are the bike sheds going to be open?
Yes, the bike shed will be open and available for use.  Students in Year 7 and 8 will use the lock-up areas near the community entrance (Head of Year offices), whilst Year 9, 10 and 11 will use the bike sheds).

What if we have children in different year groups?
As detailed in the initial information sent, please contact gwilkinson@brightonhill.hants.sch.uk if you require supervision for children due to an inability to adhere to the staggered start and finish times.  SLT will be on duty at the start of each school day to disperse crowds of students at the start of the day.  Period 6 teaching staff will escort students off-site to ensure no crowing at the end of the day

What happens if we are working and cannot drop off or collect our children at the staggered start/end times?
As detailed in the initial information sent, please contact gwilkinson@brightonhill.hants.sch.uk if you require supervision for children due to an inability to adhere to the staggered start and finish times.   

What is the situation with mandatory attendance?

Mandatory attendance is dictated by the government and not the school - as a school we must follow this guidance. 

You require the children to wear PE kit on certain days (all day) in the past we've only purchased shorts/t-shirts as it was just for one lesson. If they need to wear it all day and aren't allowed to wear their own jogging bottoms or jumpers this now puts an additional cost burden on parents to purchase additional items as children might not be comfortable in shorts/t-shirts all day?
In terms of PE kit, please check the uniform policy available online - plain navy leggings or tracksuit bottoms are acceptable.  Similarly students can still wear coats over their PE kit if it is a cold and/or wet day.

The end of day plan says the period 6 tutor will escort the children out - how will we know where our child will be coming out from? Given most parents collect from the Asda car park, how will this work?
All students will exit via the Quilter Road gate as this area is pedestrianised for student safety.  Students should then arrange to meet parents who are collecting at an appropriate place, e.g. ASDA carpark.

Will we know the students timetables in plenty of notice so that we can tell them where to go for P1 etc as per the guidance?
Students will be given their timetables on Friday 4th September.

If the bus is running, will you allow them to be dropped off at the main entrance at a time that is not their year group arrival time as the bus would be carrying mixed year groups and would, I guess, only do one drop off time.
As detailed in the initial information sent, if there are issues with meeting the staggered start/finish times, please email gwilkinson@brightonhill.hants.sch.uk so that appropriate supervision can be provided for your child.

Will they have to wear school uniform on 4th sept?
Yes, all students must wear full school uniform on Friday 4th September.

Will there be a safe place for students to wait if parents cannot pick up until later (ie 2.40pm finish for year 8 and can pick up by car at 3.10/15pm unless able to catch earlier bus).
As detailed in the initial information, supervision can be provided for students that need to arrive earlier or leave later than the new staggered times.  If you require such supervision for your child, please email gwilkinson@brightonhill.hants.sch.uk

Will there be social distancing in the classrooms ie space between desks/areas?
Social distancing is not possible in classrooms given the space and number of students - the government have recognised this is not possible and this is detailed in their guidance.  However, students will be kept away from other students in other year groups during the day through use of segregated break and lunch areas, staggered lesson and tutor times, a one way system around school, etc.

Can they wear tracksuit bottoms and hoody if have to wear PE kit all day as looks like may have 3-4 days a week in PE kit in the colder months
Yes, please refer to the uniform policy available on the school website.  Students are able to wear tracksuit bottoms that meet the policy requirements.

Re wearing of PE kit on PE days what happens if it gets wet/muddy - they sit in it all day ?
Students will not participate in outdoor PE if it is wet outside. 

If they cannot wear any hoody or bottoms apart from Brighton hill logo and I will not be purchasing the Brighton hill logo items what do my children wear over their PE kit to keep them warm on their 30 minute walk to school and back and during school hours ?
Instead wet weather alternatives will be provided to avoid this potential issue.  Students should wear a coat with their PE kit if it is cold.  Students do not require school logo tracksuit bottoms for PE, as per the uniform policy available on our website.  Indeed, plain navy tracksuit bottoms are acceptable.

Will there be ample space in the bike sheds for my son to securely leave his bike - as he is in year 9 he will be one of the last year groups to hopefully get a space in the bike shed and leave his bike securely and sensibly to not impede another student in a different year group leaving earlier?
Yes, bike sheds will be open and there will be space allocated for different year groups.  Indeed, students in Year 7 and 8 will use the lock-up areas near the community entrance (Head of Year offices), whilst Year 9, 10 and 11 will use the bike sheds).

Are bikes still allowed to be ridden to and from school?
Yes, bike sheds will still be open for students who wish to cycle to school Students in Year 7 and 8 will use the lock-up areas near the community entrance (Head of Year offices), whilst Year 9, 10 and 11 will use the bike sheds).

Can pupils still use lockers as this is usually where cycle helmet is kept?
We are expecting students to be able to use their lockers at time of writing. 

A little more information of when toilets can be used would be helpful.
There is no change to when students can use toilet facilities - toilets can be used during break and lunch times, as well as during pre-planned lesson breaks for younger students.

What flexibility is in place to allow an older sibling to come to school earlier with a younger sibling to allow one drop off instead of two that are half an hour apart? The same for pick up?
As detailed in the initial information sent, please contact gwilkinson@brightonhill.hants.sch.uk if there is an issue with adhering to the published staggered start and finish times.  We can provide supervision in these cases - just let us know the specific issue regarding your children and we will ensure supervision is in place.

Will homework club take place on any days?
No extra-curricular activities, including homework club, will be running in the first instance. We hope to be able to re-introduce enrichment activities as soon as it is possible to do so.

I'm a little unsure on the double lessons....
Will there be breaks during the double lessons or just for the mid morning break - my son isn't keen on 3 double lessons per day !
Key Stage 3 students will have a short staggered convenience break where required during double lessons. Regardless of the need to move to double lessons for health and safety reasons due to current circumstances, in some Key Stage 3 subjects and all Key Stage 4 subjects, we have introduced double lessons to support greater depth of learning. This is particularly useful in practical subjects and also helps to develop students' concentration and focus for Key Stage 4 assessments which are invariably longer than 50 minutes.

Also double PE I do hope they will be planning on stopping and having and break within that double lesson?  Will PE be indoor if weather is wet due to students staying in PE kit all day?
PE teaching staff are always mindful of ensuring that physical exertion is kept comfortably within students' capabilities and are responsive to students' needs. Practical PE lessons will only take place outdoors. If poor weather means that outdoor PE lessons can't take place, students will take part in a theory-based PE lesson in an allocated indoor space. Either way, we ask that students come to school dressed in their PE kit for the days that they are timetabled to have PE.

For Year 10, if a pupil needed to focus more on core subjects, would they be given the option to drop any additional subjects that they chose back in year 8?
Teaching staff are working hard to develop a recovery curriculum for 2020-21 which revisits remote learning and incorporates any curriculum areas that were not taught in the summer term. As such, our expectation is that, unless there are extreme extenuating circumstances, all students will be able to follow the full breadth of their curriculum as is recommended by the DfE.

Will there be some social distancing during actual lessons, with forward facing desks etc and will children be sat away from others?
Classroom furniture has been rearranged to ensure desks are forward-facing. Students will be spaced out as far as is possible within classrooms but full class sizes do not necessarily permit (and are not required to permit) social distancing. However, extensive hygiene measures have been put in place to keep staff and students safe.

Will there be new procedures regarding students, including our Type 1 Diabetic daughter, walking down to the hub/nurses office etc?
The safety of our students is paramount and we will ensure that all requirements regarding medical needs are met.

If a child in a year group comes down with Covid symptoms will all parents be notified immediately? What considerations are being given to pupils where themselves or parents have been shielding and are high risk of Covid?
The school is required to follow Government and Department for Education guidelines on "Sheilding". If a student presents symptons associated with COVID-19 they will isolated in a waiting area and parents called to collect them from school. Parents will be asked to call 111 and to take medical advice from the NHS. Parents will be asked to inform the school of the advice received. If a COVID-19 test is required the school should be informed of the outcome and in the case of a positive result the school will follow advice and guidance from the local healthcare team in line with DfE guidelines for the re-opening of schools. Staff members will follow Government advivce and will call 111 and follow the medical advice given. In the event of a test being required the staff member will advise the school of the outcome. In the event of a positive result the school will follow the advice from the local healthcare team in line with DfE guidelines for the re-opening of schools. The following weblink gives further details: Gov.UK: What parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges in the autumn term

Will the Returning Year 9's, were Year 8's be receiving their HPV vaccinations or should we make alternative arrangements privately?
The school is in contact with the NHS school nursing service and we will be able to send an update soon after the start of term. The NHS school nursing team have procedures in place to carry out vaccinations in school and have successfully completed some student vaccinations during July. The school will follow all advice from the school nursing team as the lead healthcare professionals.

What will happen if a child/staff at school is discovered to have COVID? Will the school shut for a deep clean?
Regardless of any case of COVID-19 the school will be routinely sanitised throughout the day and cleaned at the start and finish of every school day. In the event of a case of COVID-19 the areas affected will be cleaned and sanitised immediately, the school should not need to be closed. The school has invested in a number of sanitising machines which makes it possible for us to sanitise large areas very quickly, the machines being used are similar to those being used on public transport.

Will children have access to lockers? I know some schools have removed lockers. Thank you.
Students will have access to their lockers although they will need to follow the school's one way system to get to them. We anticipate students will not need to use their lockers as much as usual as they will not be changing for PE in school and the use of text books is reduced.