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Second Drop-Down Day

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Published on - 14-05-2019


13 May 2019

Dear Parent / Guardian

I am writing to inform you of the programme for our second Drop-Down Day of the academic year, which takes place on Monday, 3 June.

Drop-Down days are an important element of our school learning journey as they allow our students to find out more about a particular aspect of the curriculum.  During Drop-Down days, rather than study their normal, time-tabled lessons, students take part in activities that are designed to be enriching, thought-provoking and engaging.

The theme for the second of our three Drop-Down days this year will be Mental Wellbeing.  Throughout the day, our students will take part in lessons and assemblies which relate to our mental wellbeing G. R. E. A. T. values of: Give; Relate; Energise; Awareness and Try Something New.  These are directly linked to the NHS’ suggested five steps to Mental Wellbeing.  During the Drop-Down Day students will also be given an activity sheet to take home which contains a series of suggestions and challenges for the whole family to get involved in living these five values.

We very much hope that your child enjoys the day and gains a deeper understanding of such an important topic.

Yours faithfully


Mrs S Hallum Barnard
Leading Practitioner – ITT, Coaching and Curriculum, Head of MFL

Mrs C Roberts
Head of Technology

Mr P Penny
Teacher of Humanities