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Published on - 05-11-2018


2 November 2018

Dear Parent / Guardian

Non-school uniform in aid of the Ugandan “King’s Kid Home” Orphanage

We would like to inform you of the upcoming event which will be led by a small group of year 10 students.  We will be asking for a minimum donation of £2 to take part in the non-uniform day; we will be asking for the money to be handed in in advance so there are no further confusions with the event.  We are trying to raise money for some children from a Ugandan Orphanage to be able to fly over and spend a week with us at BHCS. 

The event will be held on Friday, 16 November.  We have chosen to raise money for the Orphanage as we, as a group of young people, believe every child has the right to have the education they deserve no matter what state of life they’re living. 

The vision for King's Kid was birthed in the hearts of Robert and Esther Mponye, a couple in Mityana, a town in central Uganda.   When a two day old baby girl was found discarded in a local latrine, Robert and Esther adopted her and, taking inspiration from watching her grow, decided to open a home for orphaned children, which now has over 200 members.

The orphanage also has a choir and it is our ambition to fly the choir over to the UK to be able to perform with our singers and also to spend a week experiencing what it is like to attend our school.

If you are happy to donate the minimum request of £2 (larger sums are greatly welcomed!), then please send this in with your child and ask them to hand it to their tutor, at least 24 hours in advance of the non-uniform day.

Yours faithfully

M Hemmings                              T Clemence                               C Connelly       

Year 10 Students