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Published on - 05-07-2018

4th July 2018

Dear Parent / Carer

As the summer term draws to a close I would like to take the opportunity to inform you about some important information and updates.

Arrangements for Sports Day

Sports Day is being held on Friday 13th July.  We are asking that students attend school on that day in full PE kit; no other sportswear is permitted, such as hoodies or non-regulation tracksuit bottoms, etc.  Students are not permitted to wear any face paint or accessories.  

We anticipate that the weather may be hot, so students should ensure that they bring plenty of sun cream and water for the day. 

Final Day of Term

Friday 20th July will be the final day of term and will commence at the regular time of 8:25am for all, but students will be dismissed at 12:20pm for the summer.

Arrangements for the start of term in September

School begins again for the Autumn term on Tuesday 4th September 2018.

Year 7 Students should arrive at 8:15am and go to the Community Hall.  They will then go to their Tutor Base.

Year 8, 9, 10 and 11 Students should arrive for 9:35am (Period 2) and go straight to their Tutor base.

All lessons will begin after break (Period 3).  Tutor bases will be published on the school’s website before Tuesday 5th September to allow students to see where they will be based.

During the school’s INSET Day on Monday 3rd September 2018, the school will be closed for all students.  

As always, from September, we will revert to our standard uniform policy.  Our policy and requirements can be found on our website.  This will continue for the full year.

Finally, I must thank you for your continued support, as Brighton Hill Community School continues to strive towards our very high ambitions.  We look forward to working with you over the coming months and years as we ensure the very best outcomes for your children.

Yours faithfully

Mr. C. Edwards