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Headteacher update; 19th March 2020

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Published on - 19-03-2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

I’m sure you will know by now that the government has declared that schools will close for the vast majority of students at the end of the day on Friday (20th March).  Obviously, we will support this decision and I must pay tribute to my incredible staff who have managed to allow us to keep the school fully open up until this point; it has been a monumental effort from our dedicated team who have put themselves on the front line to support our students.  If there were ever a sign of the strength of our school culture, this is it.  Equally, I must state my pride about how well our students have responded.  They have been mature, resilient and committed in the face of this crisis and I am truly proud of them all.

From Monday, school will only be open for the following groups:

*We are yet to hear the definition of what these groups mean, so I will be in touch with you all again as soon as the definitions reach us.  Obviously we cannot answer specific questions on this topic yet.

Clearly, we will be limited solely to educating these students, with all of our other students being educated at home, in line with our strategy (which is attached – “Work set in event of closure” document).  We know that this will be a strain for you to keep your children motivated at times, but we will ensure that you have all of the resources and support you need to help your own children through these challenging times.  As a starter, I have attached some useful tips to support strong mental health and motivation with your families.

Yours faithfully,


Mr. C. Edwards
Brighton Hill Community School
Making success inevitable

pdf document COVID-19 Parent Pamphlet
pdf document COVID-19 Student Pamphlet
pdf document Mental Health Pamphlet
pdf document The importance of motivation - student Pamphlet
Word document Work Set In event of closure