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Zone 11 Timetable - Amendment

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Published on - 14-02-2019

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I am writing to inform you of a change in Zone 11 provision as of 25th February 2019. These changes have come about based on feedback from our year 11’s regarding how best we can tailor this provision to assist them in making progress on the run up to their exams.

We have taken the decision to calendar specific Zone 11 sessions from the 25th February until 24th May. Sessions will run more frequently, across more days of the week, and avoid clashes with other subjects. 

The rationale for this change was to avoid clashes which previously required students to choose between subjects, therefore allowing them to have access to a broader range of extra provision from all subject areas. This will encourage more students to attend each session timetabled, and to facilitate higher quality sessions as a result.

Students will be able to see in advance what topic will be the focus of each Zone 11 session and has allowed us to allocate more time for each faculty; fully utilising time before, during and after school to support our year 11’s in their journey towards the final examinations.

There are also a number of Saturday sessions planned during this time frame to further assist with students revision needs.

I have attached the new Zone 11 timetable on this email, and it will also be made available on our school website.

Data from previous years has proved without doubt that attendance at zone 11 sessions remarkably improves examination results for students, and provides invaluable additional teacher contact time which will assist your child in reaching their potential. I hope that you will continue to support and encourage your child to attend as many sessions as possible.

I strongly recommend that you go through this timetable with your child to create a personalised version, detailing exactly which sessions that your child needs to attend.  It would also be advisable to regularly encourage your child to attend those sessions – perhaps reviewing, each week/morning, which sessions your child will attend that week/day.

Please contact me should you have any queries about the revised Zone 11 timetable.


Kind Regards,


Miss Richardson

Head of Year 11

pdf document Zone 11 Calendar