Brighton Hill Community School

Potential Risk of Snow

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Published on - 28-01-2019

Dear parents/carers,

With the adverse weather conditions which have been forecast in mind, I am writing to you to keep you informed of what procedures will take place should conditions cause us to close the school.  Obviously, decisions such as these are remarkably difficult to make, but will be made with the best interests of students and staff in mind.  Additionally, if the weather hits us during a school day, I must also consider early closure to ensure that all stakeholders are able to leave the site and return home safely.

If the school is to close for a full day:

A decision will be made as early as possible on that morning (or even the night before) and will be circulated via our website and Twitter (@BrightonHillSch), as well as, where possible, parent emails/texts.

If a decision needs to be taken during the school day to close early:

We will alert parents through any means available to us, such as email/text and a notice will also appear on our website and Twitter feed.  Students will then be dismissed and staff will be deployed to ensure that they are able to leave the site safely.  If you are reluctant to allow your child to be dismissed in the event of an early closure, please email the school at stating the name of your child and any additional information we may need to ensure their safe supervision until they are able to be collected or dismissed.

Many thanks,

Mr. C. Edwards