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Year 11 Update

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Published on - 24-01-2018

Dear Year 11 Parents,

Firstly, you will be aware that the PPEs have now finished.  Students should now be getting their results and feedback in lessons.  An additional progress tracker, with amended data will be sent out to parents with the Yr11 written reports.  We hope to send these out, with students, just before half term.

In addition, please see the following information that you may find useful.

The prom will be held, at Audley’s Wood, on Sunday 1st July.  A letter confirming this and requesting either part or full payment will be given to students before half term.

Some parents have started to ask about dates for the GCSE exams.  We now know that the first exam is currently scheduled to take place on Monday 14th May (this is currently ICT).  The final exam is currently scheduled to take place on Friday 22nd June (this is currently ‘Product Design’).  We don’t believe this will change, however we are still awaiting final confirmation of those dates from the exam boards.  All other exams should fall in between these dates.  As soon as we have had final confirmation, we will let parents know and students will receive timetables so that they can begin to formulate a new revision timetable with those final exams in mind.

In terms of revision, I have attached some information regarding styles of revision and their effectiveness, based on a recent piece of educational research – this has been put together by Mrs Hallum-Barnard, our Head of MfL and lead on Teaching and Learning.  You will notice that ‘Practice Testing’ is rated the most effective form of revision.  Therefore, please try to work with your child, helping to regularly test their knowledge at home – even if you don’t know the answers!  They should give you the questions and answers in advance and then the test is to see whether they can replicate the answer without looking!  ‘Elaborative Interrogation’ and ‘Self-explanation’ are also both revision techniques that I hope you can do with your child at home.   I should also point out that ‘Re-reading’ is the least effective style – so please try and ensure your child is not using this technique only when revising.

In addition, students should be looking to complete past exam questions as a method of re-testing and practicing.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Kind regards,

Mr Guy Wilkinson

Acting Assistant Headteacher and Head of Year 11


pdf document Revision Styles