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The Importance of Attendance

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Published on - 04-10-2017


4 October 2017

Dear Parent / Guardian

The Importance of Attendance

Attendance is one of the biggest factors in academic success. If we achieved 90% in a class test,
piece of homework or exam, we’d all be pretty happy. However, attendance does not work like that. In
fact, research shows that if you have 10% absence from school, i.e. 90% attendance – you are likely to
drop at least one grade in every subject that you study. Achieving 90% attendance in a school year
means that you miss a staggering 19 days of school
during that academic year. This means a lot of
missed class work, knowledge and understanding that can be crucial, both now and in future years. If
we break it down further – 90% attendance effectively means missing just three days per half term. If
your child has missed three or more days so far then he/she is likely to underachieve unless their
attendance significantly improves for the remainder of the year.

At Brighton Hill Community School – we pride ourselves on providing outstanding teaching in our
classrooms. However, outstanding teaching means nothing to students who are not there to see and
hear it. With this impact in mind, of course, we hope every child achieves 100% attendance. However,
we are realistic and understand that people do become ill at times, and at these times students are not fit
to come to school. Therefore, we expect a minimum attendance of 96% by all students; we believe
this is achievable.

At half term, all students with ‘expected’ attendance will receive a congratulations letter. To raise
awareness, all parents whose child’s attendance is less than expected will receive a letter detailing the
current attendance figure. With the importance of attendance detailed above, we hope that parents can
work with us to ensure attendance is at a level that will allow students to reach and exceed their
potential. Can I also take this opportunity to remind parents of the importance of notifying us, here at
the school, if your child is absent.
Please call 01256 350606 to report absence. Alternatively, please
e-mail: to report absence of your child.

If your child is absent, we would strongly encourage you to ensure that he/she catches up with
work that they miss
during their absence. This may be required to be done as additional homework or
work at the weekend. We can also supply work if you know your child will be absent for a prolonged
period of time. To request work, please contact either your child’s tutor or Head of Year. Finally, if you
are worried about your child’s return to school following illness or injury – please contact us at the school
and we can offer individual support to those in need.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s attendance, please do not hesitate to
contact us at the school.

Yours sincerely

Mr Guy Wilkinson
Acting Assistant Headteacher and Head of Year 11