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Published on - 14-09-2017


13 September 2017

Dear Parent / Guardian

I am writing to share with you, some key information to help support Year 11 students in preparation for the final GCSE examinations that will begin in May 2018.

This year, students will be taught key revision skills as part of our tutor programme. Students will also be given time within tutor to revise either individually, or in small support groups.  Students will have access, during some tutor sessions, to a computer; at these times students are encouraged to revise using online resources such as GCSE Pod, PiXL Maths, GCSE bitesize and/or Memrise.

Indeed, I would also encourage students to access these online resources from home if possible.  There are also various apps that students can download onto their mobile phones and tablets to support their revision.  Details about recommended revision apps, can be found attached with this letter.

Other revision strategies and techniques including the making of; cue cards, mind maps, time lines and flow diagrams, should be combined with practicing past exam questions (relevant exam board details are also attached to this letter).  Students should also follow a revision timetable, that gradually increases in intensity and duration as the year passes.

Zone 11
'Zone 11' is a programme of scheduled support sessions for Year 11 students, normally taking place after school but occasionally at other times, designed to enable students to consolidate and enhance their learning, improve confidence and, of course, examination outcomes.  Sessions may be topic related or focused on a particular examination paper; sessions are also an ideal opportunity for your child to seek clarification on any particular topics or concepts. 

We ask you to help by ensuring your child attends Zone 11 sessions in order to support his/her learning.  Clearly it may not be necessary or appropriate for students to attend all sessions for all subjects. 

Due to staff meetings, most sessions have been organised for Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  This means that students will need to prioritise and manage their time effectively.  Students may need support in doing this effectively.  The 'Zone 11' timetable can be found here.

'Zone 11' will begin on Monday, 18 September

Stress/Anxiety Management
We understand that this final GCSE year can be a stressful one – often the most stressful year in your child’s life to date.  As a result we provide stress and anxiety management workshops and can work with both small groups and individuals to offer the appropriate support.  If you feel that your child is excessively stressed and anxious about exams and the year ahead and would benefit from receiving this kind of support, then please contact me at the school. 

The Prom 2018
The leavers Prom of 2018 is provisionally booked for Sunday, 1 July at Audley’s Wood.  To be allowed to attend the Prom, students have been set a ‘merit stamp target’.  This year, the target is 1200 stamps.  This is achievable if students gain stamps in all lessons.  In addition, we offer bonus stamps to students who attend Zone 11 sessions and, later in the year, Easter revision sessions.  I hope you understand that this target is to provide added incentive for students to do that little extra in lessons and after school.  Ultimately, I want to see EVERY Year 11 student at the Prom and we hope that students will work hard to get there – if they do, this will have a positive impact on their GCSE results.

Year 11 is obviously a critical year in your child’s life and, as described above, can be the most stressful year to date.  As a result, we sometimes see reductions in attendance from Year 11 students who want to avoid school for any reasons.  Clearly, attendance at school is more important than ever, and will have a significant impact on performance in GCSE exams.  There is a direct correlation – students who attend more often in Year 11, generally perform much better in the final exams.  If you are worried about your child’s attendance, or health then please contact us at the school.  Likewise – if your child is ill, and does need to be absent from school, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can provide any additional catch-up work that may be required.

Contact Details
Please feel free to contact any member of staff, at any time if you are concerned, or if you have any questions about your child’s progress.  Details of our Heads of Faculty and the Year 11 tutors are detailed below:

Heads of Faculty
English – Mrs S Gregson (
Maths – Mr C Goldsworthy (
Science – Miss V Mandizha (
Humanities – Miss H Adkins (
Physical Education – Miss S Lambert (
Expressive and Performing Arts – Mrs C Espeseth (
Modern Foreign Languages – Mrs S Hallum-Barnard (
Technology – Mrs C Sweryt (

DN11 – Mrs J Budge (
GN11 – Mrs C McMillan (
PL11 – Miss D Vaughan ( S Hallam-Barnard (as above)
SF11 – Mrs C Espeseth (

Thank you for your continued and ongoing support.

Yours faithfully
Mr G. Wilkinson
Acting Assistant Headteacher
Head of Year 11