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Year 10 PPE Schedule 2019

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Published on - 18-03-2019

Welcome to the Class of 2020 PPE schedule, which is due to take place in the fortnight directly following the Easter holiday. In some rare cases you may notice a clash in exams. Where a clash does exist these would have already been identified and a bespoke timetable will be issued directly to the student. With the exception of exam clashes that have special considerations attached to them, the exam schedule must be adhered to by all candidates.

We very much look forward to the Class of 2020 engaging fully in the extensive preparatory support that is being provided both in class and beyond. Experience tells us that effort equals success; as always my message to the year group is ‘Be the best version of yourself’.

As I have consistently said to the year group, the students that prepare properly for these exams and produce high quality revision resources will be in a far stronger position to perform highly in Year 11. If you have any queries about these exams, please contact me at school on at your earliest convenience.

pdf document Year 10 PPE Schedule